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Trip Report: Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs, Iowa (Part 2)

Night 2
The second day was where things got a little more interesting. I woke up early and around 11 my parents and I got ready to leave to go home. When we got out into the parking lot to get into my dad’s truck someone had broken into it. They had used some type of tool to pop out the driver side lock. Inside the ignition and stuff under the steering column was stripped like they had tried to use something to start it and steal it. It seemed like for some reason they couldn’t get it started and just got scared and bounced. They left in such a hurry that the driver side door was even halfway open. The driver side door was halfway open and no one from the casino or hotel notified us of anything before 11am. Thankfully we had taken all the important and expensive stuff up to the room, so they didn’t get any of that. So we called the cops and they came to file a report. The cop told us that this is really frequent in that area, and had already happened multiple times at that casino in that exact lot this year. My dad has a pretty big truck: F-250, big lift, big tires, etc. The cop said this is almost exclusively what these people target because they chop them up and sell them, I guess? Anyway, my dad was pretty pissed that a casino this big didn’t have good enough security to prevent this (especially since it happens regularly in the area) or even fucking notify him that his door was wide open all morning.
So after getting the truck to the mechanic to get fixed my parents talked to the casino and hotel. The hotel (it was a Hilton I think) was awesome. They comped us a room for as long as we needed it to get the truck fixed as well as had their shuttle drive my dad to and from the mechanic twice. I don’t think we could really have asked for the hotel to be more awesome in terms of making it up to us. The casino on the other hand wasn’t so awesome. The person that my parents talked to that filed the incident report was kind of a dick. My mom asked for some comps to get food because we didn’t have any way to go get food (other than order room service or a pizza or something) and they refused, even though this happened on their property. My mom thought that was bullshit so she called their corporate office and they said they would get back to her. They didn’t call her back after like 4 hours so she called again and then they told her they weren’t going to be giving her any comps for food. She told them that was pretty ridiculous and essentially said she would have no problem blasting them on every social media and review site she could because of this. They essentially said, “whatever, we don’t care.” This seems really stupid to me from a business stand point considering it would have been max like $30-$40 worth of comps and she would have been happy. Another thing that was bullshit is the cop asked for the security footage from the parking lot (the lot has an ass ton of cameras) and the security guy pretty much says, “Oh yeah those cameras aren’t working, sorry.” Overall, my parents were pretty pissed about the whole situation and I think it kind of soured my dad on the whole casino/gambling thing. I couldn’t be happier with how nice the hotel was, but the casino sucked and most of the employees (other than poker room employees) who we encountered were assholes.
Part 3: Karma
Since we were stuck there for another night we figured fuck it we might as well gamble a little more. So we went down to the casino later that night. My mom decided to go off and do her own thing on the slots and instead of going instantly to the poker room I decided to stay with my dad for a while since I felt bad about ignoring him the night before. He had never played blackjack before so we sat down at a $5 table. I figured I’d have a few beers and play blackjack with him for a while and relax. We both went on the most ridiculous heater. He ended up like +$140 after an hour and I ended up $+250ish after the same amount. They had this side bet where you get odds on your two cards plus the dealers up card. It pays different amounts for 3 card straight, trips, 3 card flush, and 3 card straight flush. I think I bet that side bet 8 times and hit it 6. It was ridiculous.
So after we got done playing blackjack my dad said he wanted to try roulette because he had always been curious about that. Went to one of the tables and also went on a sick heater. We both ended up hitting straight numbers like 6 or 7 times each in a half hour span and both left up over $200. At this point he wanted to pocket all the money and him and my mom wanted to go back to the room. I decided to take some of my nice degen table game profits and go play 1/3 for a while. I did really well and ended at something like +$900. Here are a few fun hands from that session:
I’m in the BB with Ts6d. Effective stacks are semi-deep at something like $550. There’s like 5 limpers and the flop comes TcTh6c. I check. One MP limper fires $10 into $15ish. A ridiculous aggro young Asian guy (different one than night before) raises to $30 from LP. Folds around to me and I elect to raise to $75. The original better folds. The Asian guy asks how much I have left and I tell him and he 4bets to something like $200. I tank for a little bit and then jam for $350 I have left. Asian snaps. Board runs out Js and 4d. I instantly turn over my hand and he smacks the table and then mucks one card and then flips over a 7? I’m sure he had to have T7 unless he was just spewing with something like 77 or some type of combro draw or a flush draw with a 7?
The next hand was pretty fun. A couple limps and I open to $15 with AsQs from the button. Older guy calls from EP as well as a woman in her later forties from MP. Flop comes 7s7h4h. I bet $33 into $45ish. Old guy calls and woman folds. Turn comes Jc. Check Check. River comes 8h. Old guy just snap bets pot. I saw him do this two previous times with busted draws or air in the last two hours. Other than that I honestly don’t have any other reasoning for hero-ing here other than I’m up a ton and kind of drunk lol. He turns over KcQc and I win. He looks at me and just says, “Well what the hell did you put me on????” I just kind of smiled and said “I don’t know.” I offered to buy him a beer but he told me he, “didn’t want no fucking beer.” Whatever at least I tried.
The last hand of the night I think is the most interesting one of the whole trip, and honestly one of the weirdest hands I’ve seen in a long time. I am not even involved in the hand. This hand involved the super aggro young Asian dude from earlier that doubled me up with T6 and an older super nit wearing a WSOP wrinkled old hat and super dark sunglasses that hasn’t said a word in two hours (not joking.) This old dude seriously hadn’t played a hand in over an hour. Old nit opens to $12 form UTG+1. Crazy Asian calls from the cutoff. Everyone else folds and it’s heads up. Effective stacks are like $400. Flop comes Kc7cJh. Old nit bets $25 and the Asian guy raises to $70 and old nit calls. Turn is 5d. Old guy bets $100 and the Asian calls in position. River is a 4h and the old nit snap jams for the $225ish he has left. He said “All in” almost before the river even peeled. The Asian guy tanks and tanks and finally calls. At this point I’m almost certain he has kings and the Asian is tanking with two pair or a set, that’s how tight this guy’s rep was. Old guy says, “Good call buddy you got me” and turns over Ac5c. The Asian slams his chips in the middle and turns over Qd4d. Most of the people at the table just looked like Ivey when Tilly checks her jacks full in HSP. Except for the old nit who looks like he’s seconds away from moving the table with his erection at having miraculously accidentally turned his bluff into a value bet and the Asian who looks like he wants to murder someone. I have no idea wtf the Asian guy was thinking. He doesn’t even beat a lot of the hands this guy turns into a bluff, that’s even assuming this super nit has any bluffs in his range (which I guess he does). I was surprised at every aspect of that hand and it proves that no matter how much you’ve played, live poker can still be ridiculous. The Asian guy quickly racked up the $80 or so he had left and darted out of the room.
One last thought and one last question:
First question is, does anyone else ever wonder why people’s significant others sit at the table and watch them? In the course of playing those two days I saw three separate guys that had their girlfriends sitting behind them and watching them. They weren’t even actively participating. It wasn’t like the guy was showing the girlfriend his cards and she was kind of playing along. The girlfriends literally just sat there and stared at the game or their phones while their boyfriends/husbands played. I’ve witnessed this a lot when playing live and always wondered about it. Isn’t this extremely boring for the person just sitting there? If my girlfriend is playing slots or blackjack or something I might stand there and watch for 5 minutes but then I’ll eventually go find my own thing to do. I’m not gonna sit there for 4 hours. Just seems weird to me and wondered if anyone else had ever thought about this. I’ve seen it a lot in my time playing live.
Last thing is, I would definitely recommend the poker room. Everything about it was great imo. I would also recommend the Hilton hotel attached to the casino. The room was nice, I think it was affordable, and the customer service was outstanding. The complimentary breakfast was also amazing. I could have maxed on that shit for hours. The casino as a whole though sucked. Their new player promotions blow. Their beers are over-priced. Their food is overpriced. And their customer service is awful.
Those are my main take aways from the trip. If you’ve stuck with reading this this long, I hope you liked it or at least parts of it. I guess now it’s back to no poker for a while now other than the occasional poker visit and YouTube video for a break between studying 8 hours a day. Cheers.
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[via r/PokerBlog] Trip Report: Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs, Iowa

This blog post was long enough that I had to put it in two posts. Reddit is weird. I figured /PokerBlog was more appropriate for this type of post than /poker. Also, /PokerBlog has been pretty inactive lately so I figured it would be cool to drop something in there. Let me know what you think.
Part 1:
Part 2:
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Trip Report: Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs, Iowa (Part 1)

WARNING: this is going to be really really long and not overly exciting. Also my grammar is pry going to really suck because I’m writing so much and don’t really care to proofread it a ton.
For about the past month, I haven’t been very active in terms of any kind of poker. I started studying for the CPA exam about a month and a half ago. I decided to cash out pretty much my entire online roll and the relatively small live roll I had left and just focus on studying. I figured this would help with any distractions as well as the devil on my shoulder saying, “just take a day off of studying and go play.” Anyway, about two weeks ago my brother was getting ready to move back to college. It’s pretty much on the other side of the country and my parents usually end up making a vacation out of driving him out there and moving him in. I live in central Illinois and he goes to college in Wyoming. My parents asked me if I wanted to come for the 4-5 days and hangout because I really like the area that he goes to school in. It’s right next to a huge mountain range so there’s tons of cool stuff to do: hiking, climbing, fishing, etc. I was way ahead of pace for the studying so I decided to take a break and cruise out there with them for a week a so. I know there’s a decent amount of casinos on the drive there so I figured I could also convince them to stop at one on the way back and I could play at a new poker room that I’d never been to before, so I decided to go.
After dropping him off at school and having fun in the mountains for a few days, we started the drive back and the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa was about halfway home. I convinced them to stop for the night and stay in the casino’s attached hotel, saying I would split half the cost of the room. I was pretty stoked about playing in a new room as well as playing some live poker for the first time in a long time.
Night 1
I looked up the information for the poker room on the website and it said they were spreading something like 3/6 limit, 4/8 limit, 1/3 NL, and 2/5NL. I was pretty excited about this because I’ve never played limit live before, so I was planning on trying that out. I have friends that have said live low stakes limit poker is literally worse than Hitler, but I decided I’d try it anyway. I got to the room and asked about limit and they said the only games running were no limit. This was a Thursday so the room wasn’t super crowded. Damn, there aren’t any limit games running. Oh well, I’ll just play no limit. My first impression of the room was that it’s really big. I’m used to playing in home games and underground rooms so this was cool. The couple of casinos that are by me have small rooms (like 5-6 tables) so it was cool to see a room that was this legit (like 20-25 tables I would guess). The WSOP circuit stops there, so I would assume that’s why the room is so big and nice. Keep in mind my opinion of the room is all relative as I’ve never been to Vegas.
I ended up playing that night for about 4 hours. Every single dealer I had was great. Didn’t have a single complaint about the poker room staff at all. I didn’t do so hot the first night and ended up leaving down $150. Here are what I think were two interesting hands from the first night:
I’m in the cutoff with As9d. Effective stacks are something like $225. Folds around to aggro asian guy in the hijack who raised to $13. I call. Button folds. Both blinds call. Flop is Ac4d8s. Asian bets $15 and I call. Blinds fold. Turn is 7h. Asian bets $15 again and I call. River is 7x. Asian bets $20 and I call. Asian shows AT and wins. I think I played this hand pretty bad, but not entirely sure. Probably should have just folded pre, I think. Oh well, a couple hands later he bought me a beer. He was a nice guy.
The second hand I opened an unopened pot with AcQc from the CO by raising to $14. An older kind of nitty player called from the BB. Flop was 4cTcJh. Old guy checked and I cbet something like $20 into $30. He raises to $55 and I jam for something like $175 more and he calls. He shows queens and I brick. I was really confused by this hand. I think it’s okay getting it in here? Would like some comments on this hand. Effective stack was mine at something like $225. I think this line was spewy when looking back at it. But originally I thought both my pairs were live, obviously I was wrong.
So anyway, I had fun and got kinda drunk so it was a solid night overall even though I left down some. I went out to find my parents. My mom has become a slot degen lately so she can pretty much occupy herself for hours haha. But she said my dad had been wondering around for a long time and watching her not really doing any gambling at all. I felt kind of bad about this. He doesn’t really ever gamble and seemed kind of out of place, so I wished I would have hung out with him a little bit more and shown him how to play some of the games.
A couple of the negative things about the first night, I signed up for a players card hoping to get some sweet comps or something. The only thing you get when you sign up for a players card is a free t shirt. No slot dollars or table play or food comps or anything. Pretty bogus imo but whatever. One thing I was excited about for this casino was that I figured beer and food would be cheaper than I’m used to. The beers and food are pretty ridiculously expensive at my local casino so I was thinking that one that was this big would have much better deals. I was wrong. Beers were like $4. Pretty ridiuculous that a casino charges that much for a beer imo. I would think that they would have better deals for people paying rake and losing money to them. I guess not. Their food was also ridiculously expensive imo. I ended up getting a rebuen and fries from one of the little walk up restaurants outside the room before going back to the hotel room for the night and it was like $12. Again, too expensive imo but whatever it tasted pretty phenomenal actually.
Link to part 2:
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This Weekend In Omaha #56 - Speed Dating, Winter Beanfest, Chocolate Walk, Whiskey & Wings, Stoned Drunk Comedy, The Tower, Drag Brunch - Will you take this weekend?

Love is in the air, Omaha!

Or maybe that's incense and dirty socks! And that's okay too. We have something for everyone this weekend, and see the full event breakdown at -
Thursday – 2/13/20

Friday – 2/14/20

Saturday – 2/15/20

Sunday – 2/16/20

\*Weather Report*\**
“A high of 16 today, but by Sunday a high of 50, I don’t know much about weather, but that’s pretty nifty. These guys know about weather.

Pick of the Week
Ok so I go to The Down Under Lounge a lot, I get it, but this is honestly where I will be. Lucy and Charlie are awesome performers and since I have no girlfriend this year, again, I think this is a good place to drown my sorrows around that fact. And who knows? Maybe I will find the courage to get up there and sing a tune on stage? Or talk to that cute gal at the bar? Probably not. But I will be drunk surrounded by live music so I got that goin for me which is nice.
Sunday 2/14/20

This Next Weekend in Omaha…
A short preview of what’s coming next week for those that like to plan ahead.

Omaha Famous
Local music, food, and people, you should know
Cascio’s Steak House Still There Since 1946
A steakhouse sounds fitting for this Valentine’s day, and why not pick the oldest one in town (I think)? Cascio’s has been around for generations and your grand pappy won’t let you forget that fact. It’s the feature this week.
Fun Fact: Historians believe Valentine’s Day actually began in Ancient Rome as a pagan fertility festival called Lupercalia, with the celebration dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, and Roman founders Romulus and Remus. According to, the day was celebrated with activities that included sacrificing animals and whipping women with animal skins until they bled, signifying their fertility… And not much has changed today!
Sign up here to join the beta test for my new local app, Sembly!
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This Weekend In Omaha #57 - Burger Fight, Jordan Brown, Picasso, Beertopia, Floyd, Winter Luau, Freedom of Speech – a little bit of this, a little bit of that – this weekend!

I finally got around to featuring Block 16 this week for Omaha Famous, hope you like it. Will warm up this weekend so lets go out and get it!!! via
Thursday – 2/20/20

Friday – 2/21/20

Saturday – 2/22/20

Sunday – 2/23/20

\*Weather Report*\**
“Cold today, but warmer thereafter, with a weekend high of 58. I won’t be here this weekend, but for you guys, that’s pretty great. Does anyone ever click on this weather link?

Pick of the Week
I saw this band last year and was absolutely blown away. It’s truly an authentic Pink Floyd experience, and knowing the band’s music pretty well, that is no easy feat to pull off. Pink Floyd has lots of keyboards, effects, and sounds, dings, dongs and wazooos, that make their music so unique, but Floyd does such a good job delivering. If I was in town this weekend, I would be here. Also, big props to the guy in the crowd last year who let me take a hit of his vape pen. If you go to this show, I hope you find that same guy and that he can elevate your experience like he did mine. BLESS YOU, you mysterious vape-bro.
*Friday 2/21/*20

This Next Weekend in Omaha…
A short preview of what’s coming next week for those that like to plan ahead.

Omaha Famous
Local music, food, and people, you should know
Block 16 Street food, imagination, and mayo
Without a doubt Omaha’s most famous restaurant, and for good reason. These guys are ridiculous, and god bless them all. They are our feature this week.
Fun Fact: Nearly 60-percent of all sandwiches sold worldwide are actually hamburgers. INSANE via News9
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Henry Gingerich claims WSOP Seat and nice paycheck

Great things are happening on the other side of the Atlantic this month and live poker is effervescent especially at medium-high limits. Highrollers will be probably unimpressed by these competitions and will prefer to wager over the Internet at poker room such as PKR. They don't find any pleasure in spending a few hundred dollars for the chance of winning a five digit amount and would rather play from the comfort of their home at nosebleed limits. Having said this, Henry Gingerich was more than happy to sit down at the tables of the RunGood Poker Series Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs main event. The buy in consisted of $675 which is not a prohibitive amount and as a result a total of 426 players found it worthwhile to participate. The guaranteed prize pool was initially set for $100,000 but it was greatly exceeded and at the end of the day, players were competing for more than $250k. In addition to collecting a paycheck that was expected to exceed $57,000, the winner was also guaranteed to collect a token for the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event. The stakes were high and by the time the final table began, the surviving players were unwilling to settle for a money paycheck. As the finalists were eliminated one by one, it became obvious that Henry Gingerich, Calvin Musil and Cary Long were favorites to win the tournament. A few hours later, these were the last men standing and they decided that it was worth discussing the terms of a deal. After a brief conversation, they agreed to split the money evenly, with each of them to collect almost $40,000. Once this agreement was made, three handed play commenced and Mr. Long was the first one to be eliminated, setting the stage for heads-up between Calvin and Henry. The two players were evenly matched and at the time they went all in, both had strong starting hands and the outcome was a coin flip. Gingerich got lucky when he needed it most and in addition to winning a five digit amount, he also secured the WSOP seat. This is how the final table shaped out and the money collected by the 10 finalists: 1 Henry Gingerich $39,083 + WSOP Seat2 Calvin Musil $39,0833 Cary Long $39,0834 Jeff Fielder $16,4635 Ryan Phan $12,4416 Paul Ewen $9,6777 Robbie Kent $8,0438 James Hall $6,6619 Jim Devaney $5,63010 Ryan Tepen $4,298
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Council Bluffs, Iowa – A casino pit boss, a dealer, and a patron are arrested for a roulette cheating scheme at Horseshoe Casino

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Camping, biking and poker in council bluffs

I plan to camp at lake Manawa state park next month. I will be doing some biking (wabash trail, trails at Manawa park, wherever) I also plan on playing some poker (wsop circuit) at horseshoe casino.
I would like to bike from my campground to the casino. Looks like Indian creek trail will take me from lake Manawa state park to 23rd Avenue in council bluffs close to casino. Is this a bad idea? I would have the lock my bike up outside the casino, is the area safe? Any insight or tips for my visit is appreciated, thanks.
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Unibet getting a Midwestern foothold
Unibet is coming to Indiana and Iowa. And in effect, it’s coming to the state wedged between them: Illinois.
Kindred Group on Tuesday announced a 10-year agreement with Caesars Entertainment to gain market access into Indiana and Iowa – and “potentially other states,” according to a news release – to operate both online sports betting and gaming through its Unibet brand.
Kindred, through Unibet, can immediately begin seeking licenses in both states, which would double its footprint in the United States. Unibet currently operates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania sportsbooks. Its online Pennsylvania sportsbook is operated in partnership with Mohegan Sun.
Unibet’s New Jersey sportsbook is through a deal with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City.
In Indiana, Unibet will ally with a Caesar’s Horsehoe Hammond property less than 30 miles from Chicago, giving it a key outpost to tap into an Illinois market left fallow because of regulatory delays.
Most important, the deal will bring mobile and online betting options to a property battling to compete financially without it.

Unibet Can Tap Into Chicago Market

Sports betting was legalized in Illinois in June, but a launch date remains nebulous and seemingly far-off. So Illinois bettors continue to pour over the Indiana border from the city of 2.7 million to patronize the likes of Horseshoe Hammond and DraftKings-affiliated Ameristar East Chicago.
Ameristar’s January sports betting handle of $73,037,356 led all 13 Indiana providers – $170,813,254 was collected in the state – with $65,993,539 coming from that sportsbook via mobile. Caesars never launched a mobile product for Horseshoe Hammond, negating its proximity as the nearest Indiana sportsbook to the Chicago metropolitan area.
Unibet’s Iowa peg will be at Harrah’s Council Bluffs, which is just across the Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska, and nestled in the metropolitan statistical area of nearly a million. Mobile betting accounted for about 59% of Iowa sports betting handle in January. Ten of 19 Iowa sportsbooks offer mobile or online sports betting.
Kindred US senior vice president Manuel Stan said he was “thrilled” to expand the company’s American presence with Caesars.
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So I’m relatively new...

I’ve been playing for a few months now. Mostly online and with friends (never for real money). I played in one tourney at the local casino. I’m in Omaha, Nebraska. The closest one that holds tourneys is the Horseshoe in Council Bluffs, IA. I just feel it would be better for me to learn table educate in home games. Yet I can’t seem to find any. And friends don’t care enough about the game of poker to play on a regular basis. If anybody has advice for me, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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Hi I'm Clipknot, a YouTuber with (almost) 2500 subscribers! AMA (Q&A, Feedback and free music inside)

Hello everyone! I'm Clipknot and I have almost made it to 2500 subscribers (2480 as of today). I'll be travelling to Council Bluffs IA on Tuesday to attend the RunGood Poker Series at the Horseshoe Casino, so I'll be away from home when I hit my I'm doing my thank you celebration a few days early.
Ask Me Anything and I'll answer! And I'm a writer, too, so you'll probably get more than you ask for.
A little about me, I'm a former software developer, project manager, business analyst, and now work as a writer (I've written books, manuals, and live reporting), part-time poker player, and (of course) YouTuber. I've recently started producing music, as well.
My latest composition rocks, and if you want to use it in one of your videos, you may do so, just PM me and I'll send you a link to use for a high-quality download along with the attribution snippet to put in your video description. And I'd love to see the videos you produce with it, so be sure to include your channel info so I can check them out when the time comes.
Supernova Flair:
Want feedback on your channel, video, thumbnails, channel art, editing, or anything else? Just leave your question below and I'll check out whatever it is you have to offer. Word of warning to gaming channels--I find most gaming videos underwhelming..and I'm not afraid to tell you if your video relies too heavily on the game's content rather than what you have to add to it.
That being said, anyone who's up for some honest reactions and opinions, just leave a link below.
Keep in mind, the rules say if you get feedback, you must also give me some. BUT I SAY TODAY IS DIFFERENT! Rather than give me feedback, please give feedback to others who post their links here! My channel is going through a transition and I do not need feedback on my older content. So help out your fellow NewTubers instead. But, if all you're asking is a question, feedback is encouraged but not required.
Let's go!
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Michelle Chin writes history in World Series of Poker Circuit

The ladies of poker have taken this arena by storm in both land-based casinos and virtual rooms, with females winning important tournaments. Titan Poker has plenty of successful women players and the poker room goes to great lengths to make this game popular among girls. In fact, it runs special tournaments and offers promotions to those who pick up the cards and put their luck and skill to the test in this highly competitive arena. Meanwhile, the established stars are in for glory and a lot of money traveling all over the world, including to the World Series of Poker Circuit. It all culminates with the series that takes place once a year in Las Vegas starting in the second half of May, but meanwhile there are plenty of stops that keep players alert. The audience got the chance of seeing some of the best sitting down at the tables at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs, with the main event being the highlight of the competition. The winner was guaranteed to win almost $90,000, which is a lot of money by any standards and the buy in consisted of $1675. It is not a lot of money for professional players but not an amount that beginners can afford to pay, which explains why so many great poker players were at the tables. Among them was Michelle Chin who had to overcome a lot of adversity to make the final table, where she competing exclusively against male opponents. She had the chips, the experience and most important, the courage to play aggressive poker against these opponents and that served her well. The Wichita resident had no problem in making three handed play and caused the elimination of Michael Sanders in third, before locking horns with Mike Lang. The heads-up was short and intense, with Michelle coming on top and that resulted in a generous paycheck of $88,000. She also became the first woman to win a World Series of Poker Circuit event, which means a great deal and should provide fellow female players with the incentive to participate. Check out the complete final table results below: 1 Michelle Chin $88,1262 Mike Lang $54,4683 Michael Sanders $39,6424 Jesse Wilke $29,3175 Greg Jennings $22,0216 Michael Jensen $16,7977 Tom Moss $13,0078 Gregory Beaufait $10,2239 Richard Fitzgerald $8,153
via Casinoreviews
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council bluffs area players

Hey /poker, do you know if there are any large poker rooms in the council bluffs area? I've possible got a job lined up at the ameristar casino who doesn't have any poker. i know there's like 20 tables or so at the horseshoe which i looked in on after an interview and saw maybe 3 tables running. if that's the only place to go how is it on the weekends? do they end up filling all 18? and assuming they do is the level of play as bad as normal live?
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Where are some good quality, free-to-play soccer fields in Council Bluffs or eastern Omaha?

I live near the Council Bluffs Recreation Complex by Horseshoe Casino and they have soccer fields there but, for some reason, they removed all the soccer goals recently. So where are the best fields that are closest to Horseshoe Casino to play at? I only want to play outdoors and I'd prefer real grass but turf would be fine too. Also, if it's kinda sorta away from houses like the aforementioned complex is, that'd be great as I'm pretty lousy still and don't wanna be stared at... or something. :/
Google map of above area
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Horseshoe RV Park at Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs Iowa ... Council Bluff to Bellevue NE NEW SLOT ALERT! 💥💎💥 Sweet Tweet Slot Machine! Horseshoe ... Popular Videos - Horseshoe Council Bluffs & Horseshoe Casino Poker Vlog Council Bluffs, IA Horseshoe Casino #15 - YouTube Poker Vlog Horseshoe Casino Council Bluff, NE #9 - YouTube LIVE CRAPS at Horseshoe Council Bluffs, IA - YouTube Poker Vlog Council Bluffs, IA Horseshoe Casino #27 Horseshoe Council Bluffs Remodel - YouTube

Horseshoe Council Bluffs, Council Bluffs: See 8,592 reviews, articles, and 14 photos of Horseshoe Council Bluffs, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 23 attractions in Council Bluffs. Betting spot for horse, dog races opens at Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs Kevin Coffey May 4, 2017 May 4, 2017 Updated Oct 16, 2019; 0 {{featured_button_text}} 1 of 6 ... Horseshoe Council Bluff is a stand alone Casino. Players stay at partner hotels, Harrah’s or Hilton Garden Inn. CASINO. This stand alone casino is home of the best odds, highest limits and biggest jackpots with more than 1,600 slots. When you step up to any of the more than 1,600 hot slot machines at Horseshoe Council Bluffs, you’re not just going toe to toe against Lady Luck – you’re ... Horseshoe Council Bluffs Casino. New and Improved Caesars Rewards Visa® New and Improved. Learn More. play online now Enjoy online games play online now. Play Now. Horseshoe Council Bluffs Review . Not just better odds, legendary ones. We have the new slots you crave and the classic slots you love. Learn More. Horseshoe Council Bluffs Review. Average Rating Based on 8593 reviews. Horseshoe ... Horseshoe is one of many high-end casino establishments located in Council Bluffs, Iowa.. It features 68,000 square feet of gambling space, with over 1,300 slot machines, a plethora of table games, a William Hill sportsbook and racebook, and a WSOP poker room.. Vici Properties is the owner of Horseshoe, while Caesars Entertainment operates the casino.. Apart from casino games, Horseshoe offers ... Horseshoe Council Bluffs: Address, Phone Number, Horseshoe Council Bluffs Reviews: 4/5 Hotels in der Nähe von Horseshoe Council Bluffs; Hotels in der Nähe von Harrah's Casino; Hotels in der Nähe von Union Pacific Railroad Museum; Hotels in der Nähe von Ameristar Casino Hotel ; Hotels in der Nähe von Lewis and Clark Monument and Scenic Overlook; Hotels in der Nähe von Pottawattamie County Squirrel Cage Jail and Museum; In der Nähe von Flughäfen. Hotels in der Nähe von ... Harrah's Casino: DEFINITELY BEWARE OF THE COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA HARRAHS/HORSESHOE - See 521 traveler reviews, 16 candid photos, and great deals for Council Bluffs, IA, at Tripadvisor. Horseshoe Council Bluffs casino is home of the best odds, highest limits and the biggest jackpots. When you step up to any of the 1,600 hot slot machines at Horseshoe Council Bluffs, you’re not just going toe to toe against Lady Luck – you’re stepping up to take a shot at the biggest jackpots just East of Omaha. No matter what denomination you prefer to play, and whether your casino gambling tastes lean towards video poker, the classic spinning reels, high-tech video reel games or ...

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Horseshoe RV Park at Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs Iowa ...

Welcome to Pinoy Image Vlog. I'm filipino who plays poker who's also a truck driver. These two fields have nothing in common ;-). I play beginning poker in l... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Schindler Elevator at Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa - Duration: 2:49. Jayden Mania 979 views. 2:49. Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa - Duration: 0:46. ... Want to play Blackjack, Craps and other casino games? Visit the brand new Whiskey Pit at Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs. Gambling like you've never seen it before in Council Bluffs. where you're going with Tour campgrounds a... Our AGM, Samir Mowad, explaining the new layouts and features of our remodel. Welcome to Pinoy Image Vlog. I'm filipino who plays poker who's also a truck driver. These two fields have nothing in common ;-). I play beginning poker in l... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Thanks for Watching 💥💎💥 NEW SLOT ALERT! 💥💎💥 Sweet Tweet Slot Machine! Horseshoe Casino Council Bluffs 💥💎💥 Slot Winning!! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love t... 💥💥 I DID SOMETHING I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER DO AGAIN!!! 💥💥Horseshoe Council Bluffs W/ SDGuy1234 - Duration: 18:23. ... Poker Vlog Horseshoe Casino Council Bluff, NE #9 - Duration: 17:02 ...